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You need a supplier to your business that can and will supply all your hygiene cleaning and maintenance needs as and when you need them.  FiltaFry Plus Franchise Owners provide top quality cleaners and sanitisers for your kitchen operations.

For a free demonstration of the service, call 087 135 4444 or ask your local FiltaFry Plus Franchise Owner.

*Note, FiltaChem service is not offered by all Franchise Owners

FiltaChem Benefits
  • No minimum order
  • No carriage charge
  • No delivery days
  • Personal service
  • COSHH files provided
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Free training

Product range includes:

Name Description Pack Size Dilution rate
Filta Cater Non taint food safe cleaner / sanitiser 5 Litre 30 to 1
Filta Cook Thick oven cleaner clings to grease, carbon 5 Litre R T U
Filta Dishwash Concentrated hard water ready, auto feed 5 Litre auto
Filta Glasswash Concentrated hard water ready, auto feed 5 Litre auto
Filta Rinsaid Concentrated auto feed, match with dw & gw 5 Litre auto
Filta Stainless Stainless steel cleaner & descaler 5 Litre 10 to 1
Filta Supersuds Very concentrated, sanitising, hand dishwash 5 Litre
Filta Command Non hazardous degreaser for kitchen use 5 Litre 50 to 1
FiltaFry has been doing our fryers for about a year now. The results in that year have been very positive indeed. During that period our oil life has increased by 15%. I would highly recommend FiltaFry to anyone in the restaurant business.

Burger King
FiltaFry have been responsible for the full servicing of all fryers within the stadium, including cleaning, filtering and discarding of used oil. There are over 25 fryers within the Stadium across ten kitchens and four retail concessions. To date, the quality of service from Filta Fry has been exemplary we have been extremely happy with the quality of service received especially given the fact that we are working with new brand new deep fat fryers. Delaware North prides itself on excellence in hospitality Filta Fry have supported this commitment since day one.

Emirates Stadium (Delaware North)


FiltaFry Plus Customers