FiltaFry Plus is looking for people who desire to own, develop and manage either a single van or multi-van business, providing multiple proven environmental services to commercial kitchens.


What is FiltaFry Plus?

So what comes to mind when you hear “Environmental Kitchen Solutions”? For many people there’s a vague understanding; certainly you can piece these words together and derive a general idea, but we want to start the conversation by giving you a clear understanding. After all, we know that Franchisees need clear, concise information to make informed decisions.

FiltaFry Plus describes our line of innovative services that inherently preserve the environment wherever food is fried. The mechanics behind how this is actually achieved is through the ingenuity of FiltaFry and its unique Filtration system that has evolved over the last 18 years.

There’s an altruistic reason why everyone should care about eco-sustainable services; there’s an ever mounting attention towards reducing our footprint and impact on the environment. Now, what if you could help food-industry businesses achieve that while saving them money, reducing injuries and enhancing food quality at the same time?

Multi-Service to the Same Customer Base

Environmental Kitchen Solutions describes our line of innovative services that inherently preserve the environment wherever food is fried.

FiltaFry Plus Franchise Owners now offer the following services to customers:

FiltaFry – Cooking Oil Filtration & Fryer Management
FiltaBio – Waste Oil Collection without the Bin
FiltaGold – Fresh Oil Supply

FiltaSharp – On-site Knife Sharpening Service
FiltaChem – Filta’s Own Brand Cleaning Products

Are You Ready to Learn More?

Go ahead and browse the pages you see over to the right. Then contact us for a franchise info packet so we can expand on these questions. You’ll also have an opportunity to hear directly from those who have joined one of the nation’s fastest growing and award winning Franchises.

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FiltaFry Plus is proud to be a bfa Associate Member

FiltaFry Plus is proud to be a bfa Associate Member


Our Franchisees Say it Best

After 3 years of being a FiltaFry franchisee I feel I made the right decision, not only in job satisfaction but as I have move from as desk job as a Care Home manager to a much more physical job as a FiltaFry franchisee my health has also benefited. As with all business being a franchisee has its ups and downs but the rewards are extensive, I work for myself, I have everything I need to be successful at my fingertips. I would have no hesitation in recommending a FiltaFry franchise to anyone who would like to work for themselves and has the drive and determination to succeed.

- Fraser Robertson, Lanark
Nearly 3 years on I have built a substantial size business for a sole trader to operate within an I am very happy indeed with everything. As more and more emphasis is placed on the “Green” business, I see a bright future for my already thriving business. Damian Slater, the Franchise Manager, goes out of his way to make sure each and every franchisee reaches their full potential. I have escaped my boring office job that I used to do and now have the freedom to do exactly what I want with my time.

- Dane Sampson, Bristol
During the critical start-up period, Filtafry delivered the full package in terms of classroom and in-field training to enable me to operate my business successfully and start earning money from day one. I can honestly say that FiltaFry has delivered on every aspect of the support that they promised with the onus then on me to make a success of the venture. This is exactly what I was looking for in a franchise. For me the acid test of this franchise is whether I will sign up for a further five year license and the answer is a resounding yes!

- Graham Allen, East Sussex