Filta Environmental's Story

An Idea to Resolve a Long-Held Problem

Dirty Oil. – Short shelf life. – Lower food quality. – Food safety issues. – Kitchen burns. – Major environmental impact.

Putting these fragmented issues together, there was an identified need, and then there was an idea. What if there was a way to extend the life of cooking oil that mitigated injury all while reducing impact on the environment?
After much R&D, mobile micro-filtration was developed and a little business called FiltaFry was born in the UK.


Filta Environmental’s Mission

It is The Filta Group’s commitment to increase the profitability of each franchise owner, year after year. We are dedicated to providing our Franchisees with new and improved Environmental Kitchen Solutions, so they can maximize the earnings potential at each client.

For the past 18 years, the FiltaFry Plus service has always established our customer base and spearheaded our growth. In the last few years, Fresh Oil Supply, Waste Oil Removal, Knife Sharpening and Chemical Supply have been added to the services offered by Franchise Owners. Our R&D department is continually market testing new products and services for future roll-out.

These additional services have created a multiple revenue stream model and we have seen a distinct move from our initial man and a van operation to business owners who want to develop a multi-van, multi-unit operation.

International Franchising in an Age of Eco Awareness

Following great success in the UK with FiltaFry, The Filta Group began offering the rights to operate in other countries. Since 1996, The Filta Group has been providing unparalleled service around the world to restaurants and other food establishments. “Going Green” was never a commercial or trendy consideration for us. In 2003 the original founders relocated to the US to begin development of North America and now you can find FiltaFry on every continent around the world.


Filta Environmental’s Green Credentials

Filta’s services naturally preserve the environment, by extending the life of cooking oil with the FiltaFry service, recycling waste oil into biodiesel with FiltaBio, and reducing energy consumption and food waste with the FiltaCool & Fita-Seal products. FiltaCool & Fita-Seal are both run as corporate operations in the UK but are both available as Franchise options internationally.

In an age of climate change, and economic stresses, Filta’s services are being recognized at the forefront by the food and hospitality industry. Customers are realizing more than ever before the many benefits to be gained from our services.

The Filta Environmental brand has evolved to fully recognize our eco-sustainable services.